08 November 2009

she's got the whole world

on her wall! (that song will be in your head all day. you're welcome.)

that's right - after years of staring at the little, ugly, freebie map; the kind with the advertising cluttering the oceans; i finally treated myself to this beauty:

oooh. aaaah.

it's not nearly as gigantic as i'd like, but at 32 x 50 (inches), it suits the space well.

don't you just love the colors! yes, i know the ocean is actually blue; as regular maps show; but the beige ocean of my map is much prettier.

who knew france was lavender?

oh kat; you're saying to the computer screen; france again? why don't you just put up a map of france, & stop pretending you even acknowledge the rest of the world exists.
silly you! the map of france (paris actually) is on the wall in my bedroom.


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