13 April 2009

well fine then.

i have had a lovely family day, but i have to say i've felt thwarted at every turn.

first our ob; whom until this morning we were convinced walked on water; wouldn't give us an ultrasound. something about not needing one, & blah blah blah. i'm not sure if i'm quoting her correctly though, because i was busy pouting.

next i wanted to go to the getty, but they are closed mondays. then i thought we could bop around disneyland for a few hours, but our passes are blocked-out for spring break.

after taking thehobbit to the park so he could "ride his bike" (see last photo), we went to target. i had a gift card aching to be spent on frivolity. they had nothing i liked in my size! by then i was feeling like the day was out to get me, so i used the remainder on more bins for the garage. ooh & ahh.

since coming home manlyman has been desperately trying to hack his way through our backyard. what began as a quick mowing of the lawn area, turned into a (so far) 3 hour extravaganza.

this is a portion of newly-shorn lawn. behind the bench you can see the grass & weeds with which he's been dealing. i should have sent the hobbit back there to show how high it is, but i feared he'd never find his way out again.

i'll conclude today's babble with the subject of this last photo. this is thehobbit "riding his bike" at the park this morn. see him zoom past the camera in a blur? see the sweat flying off his brow as he pedals for all he's worth? no? that is because he spent more time playing with ladybugs than actually riding.

when asked over lunch what he felt was the best part about riding his bike he said (& this is correctly quoted) definitely playing with the ladybugs. he makes me smile, this odd child of mine. & for the record: how fantastic is that photo?! let's pretend i waited for the moment the bug would raise its wings, then snapped the photo; shall we?

ok my one & only reader i'm off to see if i can convince manlyman to put away the lawn mower, & come in for dinner. have a fabulous day - & don't let anyone thwart you!

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