28 April 2009

last-minute day trip.

yesterday was spent in the high desert, visiting my mother-in-law. we had a lovely time, & for once the weather there was mild.

after a lunch of veggie burgers & endless fries (endless fries!), mil took us to her favorite shop in town. there we discovered row after row of bulk bins - which drove my menfolk over the edge! the lights dimmed, & a choir of angels sang as manlyman & thehobbit gleefully filled zillions of bags with trail mixes, & dried fruits.

i; dainty flower that i am; behaved in a more reserved manner. i quietly walked through the rows, seeing what was to be had. in the end i came away with 2 small bags of dried fruit: strawberries & cranberries. i chose the ones coated in a thick, protective layer of dark chocolate though - i like my dried fruit to be safe.

these photos are of the weeds along mil's drive - i wish my weeds were this delicate. aren't they lovely? i nearly had a photo of a gorgeous raven, but he flew away before i could get a good shot of him.
it had been nice to get away, but it was nice to get back home. too bad the belfry isn't nearly as clean as mil's.

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