22 April 2009

earthly babble

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happy earth day!!! what are you doing to celebrate?

thehobbit & i are off to our farmers' market, then we shall be spending the remainder of the day in our backyard. i'd originally planned on getting together with friends for a party of some sort, but decided a quiet afternoon tending our yard & farm was a much better way to celebrate mother earth.


last night was the weekly mamas' craft outing. only half of us could make it, but we had a wonderful eve nonetheless. even more wonderful: i had what was possibly the best decaf blended mocha ever! when i left for the coffee shop, i'd been a tad stressed, but the mamas (& the blended) washed it all away.


you can now follow me on twitter - the widget in the upper left corner should take you there. i make no promises to be witty, but i do tweet (i really think it should be twit - ha!) daily.


today's babble was brought to you by a decent night's sleep. happy earth day!


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