19 April 2009


yesterday we spent the day at the renaissance faire, with some of our most favorite people. manlyman opted begged to not go with us this year, so his ticket went instead to tinker. at first thehobbit was sad, but having minipaper, & the minitinkers there more than made up for the lack.

this dragon was a life-size puppet! i wish i'd taken more photos of it, so you could see the entire body, as well as the puppeteer. he was truly gorgeous.

one of the funniest parts of the day: i was stopped by officials as i tried to enter the privees, & asked if i had a license to use them. i showed them my pg belly, assuming they'd step aside. instead they asked my name, & issued me the above license to priv. click on the photo to read it, because it is quite funny. notice the signature? thehobbit nearly peed laughing when we realized that barnabas fife, was most likely taken from barney fife (deputy sheriff on andy griffith, known for giving ridiculous tickets). of course i kept the license. i want to make sure that all my future potty visits are legal ;-)

this set was even more adorable in person. they were carved from stone, & the chairs large enough to actually sit upon. of course i didn't, because they were made from stone, & had been sitting in the hot sun all day. both thehobbit & minipaper discovered (the hard way) what happens when rocks soak up sun - ooh their poor little bums! i suppose we could have warned them :-)

the day was hot, so not nearly as long of an adventure as we would have liked - still, it was great fun! when asked his favorite part of the day, thehobbit replied: i just liked being with my bestest friends. a mama cannot ask for more than that.


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