04 April 2009

& on saturday she rested

what a week! i feel like i've been on the go, with nary a moment to myself. that wasn't a complaint by the way, we've had an amazing week, i'm just ever so slightly exhausted. ok that was a lie. i'm so exhausted that i can barely see straight. it was the last two days that did me in.

thursday the belfry was overrun by 5 wild things. we had no crafts, projects, nor activities of any kind planned for them. we merely got them together, & sent them to the backyard. the hope was they'd stay out there all day, so we mamas could just relax, & enjoy a quiet afternoon. the wild things would have none of that, & kept concocting reasons to come inside: food, water, hugs, drawing supplies. wretched things.

there were less wild things at the belfry yesterday, but the day was just as tiring. most likely because it was hogwarts, so we mamas had to actually participate here & there. the kids prepared for an upcoming time-travelling adventure (renaissance faire) by copying elizabethan phrases with quills, & watching a movie.

the bulk of the morning was spent dying miniature dragon eggs with things from the kitchen.

pictured we have: turmeric, coffee, chili powder, & beet juice. they also wrapped eggs in spinach leaves, & boiled them. that last one didn't work, but it made the kitchen smell divine. for fun (& because auntiepaper brought 60 eggs!) we also let them have at the food coloring.

the kids enjoyed the process, experimented with techniques & combinations, & even discovered (through accidental splatterings) that turmeric had the best staining ability.

not surprisingly, their favorite part was cracking some of the shells, so the dyes would seep into the eggs. i had hoped to try one flavored with turmeric, or perhaps the chili powder; but this morning i found all the cracked ones were either beet, coffee, or blue. no thanks.

the papers stayed well into the night, because we mamas had a website meeting. happily, the most fabulous manlyman took over wild-thing-wrangling once he arrived home from work, & kept them occupied until the meeting's end. i'm one lucky bug.
so you see my dearest one & only reader? today we go nowhere, & we see nobody. today i rest. i hope you have a restful day as well.


~Phoenix~ said...

that sounds like the good kind of tired!

kat said...

it truly was.

& i'm still recovering! pesky pregnancy ;-)

asti said...

That sounded exhausting. Hope you had a lovely 'day off', if there is ever such a thing :)
Don't overdo it now !

kat said...

no overdoing - i promise!

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