02 April 2009

the one where kat loves other people's stuff

* gorgeous art for free: my favorite illustrator & all-around sweet blogger mandy has one of her illustrations here, that you can print for free! manlyman printed one for me, & i absolutely adore it. of course now i must have another, & thehobbit has his eye on one of her illustrations as well - pandora's box has been opened!

* delicious vegan goodness: for well over a year i'd been meaning to make jennifer's nacho cheese sauce. queen of all procrastinators kept me from gathering all the ingredients. finally i decided i just really wanted nachos dangit, so i popped over for her recipe. lo & behold she made it even easier by substituting white beans for the cashews. last night i made it, & holy crapoly it was beyond good! i'm going to buy the ingredients in bulk, so i can make it all the time. i think it was a bit heavy on the cumin, so i may tinker around. i also want to add chopped green chilies mmm.

* addictive chips i am eating as i type this: sassy & nice, michelle always posts interesting things on her blog. as soon as i saw the kale chips, i knew i had to try them. for some reason i cannot hi-lite the actual post, so just click on her name above, & scroll a few posts down until you get to kale chips. they took no time at all to make, & they don't taste like they were ever a healthy food source! especially if you use a bit too much sea salt as i did - shhhh. don't walk away from the oven though, because they crisp fairly quickly. to me they taste a little like korean seaweed, but without the ocean flavor. thehobbit's only comment was mmm.

& that brings today's love-fest to a close. i'm off to finish eating my kale, then get dressed for the day. yes i am still in my jams at 11:30! it's a swanky life i lead ;-)


Green Kitchen said...

I can eat a whole bunch of kale for lunch, if it's chips.

"Sassy & nice"
I think that's a fair description. ;p

Got to go check out that vegan nacho recipe.

kat said...

sassy & nice & my kale chip pusher ;-)

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