11 April 2009

the easter butterfly

i forgot easter was hippity hopping on its way. well technically i knew it was coming, & when - i just, well i just wasn't really paying attention. so instead of lovingly making treasures for thehobbit's basket, yesterday found me scouring the gift shop at the science center! yes i am a wretched mama.

fortunately i'd been paying attention to what he & minipaper were drooling over, so i know he'll love what he's getting. still, i feel strange not making his prezzies, & giving him tiny educational kits & toys in their place.

the easter bunny is sure to come through with an ever so squishy plush bunny, & some chocolate at least. i mean i guess that's what he'll bring in his basket.


before the shopping spree, we spent the morning with our r&s group. it was our annual trip to the opening of the butterfly pavilion!

the day was quite cloudy, so very few butterflies were in the air. the pavilion was filled with buttersits. ha! ok that was thehobbit's joke, but as i'm his mama i am allowed to borrow it.

the chilly weather did mean that the creatures were content to let the kids handle them, which made for a fabulous morn. of the zillions of butterflies thehobbit has managed to coax onto his hands over the years, the one that had always eluded him was the monarch. you can imagine his excitement when yesterday he finally held one!

in typical katdom (real word) i forgot my camera, so was unable to capture my boy's crowning moment, & hobbity joy. truly there is a special ring of hell just for me. luckily for you, i did have my camera last year, hence you don't have to deal with a photoless post.

& that brings today's babble to a close. if you celebrate easter, i hope yours is a happy one. if passover is instead your groove, i hope yours has been fabulous thus far. mmm now i want some matzoh brie.

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