16 April 2009

treasures for hobbits

thehobbit is in need of new clothes; all his favorites are either too short, or too tight. i thought he was dressing like a normal kid (jeans & t-shirts) out of whimsy, but yesterday he told me it was just all he had left. i didn't have the energy to drive to the good thrift shop across town, so took him to the crummy one a few blocks from home.

as usual they didn't have much in the way of fancy clothes for boys - he came away with only one dress shirt. there were, however, other hobbity treasures to be found!

an unopened kit for only 99 cents - thehobbit loves wood kits! he keeps his tools with daddy-o's, but i'm sure he'll find another use for the box once he's built it.

a small, funky, souvenir apron! i was planning on making him a new apron, but he fell in love with this as soon as he saw it. i am pretending it's because he shares my unhealthy love of linen, but in reality the lure was australia. manlyman is all sorts of freaky for australia, & thehobbit wants to be just like his daddy-o. is there a word for australia-love, like anglophile, & francophile? anyway, i pulled it down to fondle the linen, he saw the aussieosity (real word) of it, & declared it his new apron.

there were a few vintage blouses that should cover my ever-growing belly a bit longer, but most of the treasure-hunting joy went to thehobbit. i love him more than i love thrifting, so i don't begrudge him. much.
what about you? have you any treasures to report?

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