14 January 2009

shiny, happy people

do you remember that song? is it now stuck in your head too? you're welcome. of course since becoming a mama, this is the version playing in mine.

we are definitely happy people today. for starters, the playroom is coming together. thehobbit has gone through most of his things, & we have the new shelving unit filled. did i tell you about that?

the other day we were playing outside, & went to say hello to fryingpan. it just so happened that he was getting rid of his giant shelf thing. it's not my style, but it is perfect for what we need, it was free, & i won't have to look at it, unless i'm hanging out in the playroom.

here it is filled to the brim with hobbity toys:

try as hard as i might, i could not get the whole thing in one photo. it's 6ft long, & nearly as tall as i (be quiet my freakishly tall friends - you know who you are, & yes i can hear you mocking my petiteness through the internet.)

to give you an idea how big this unit is: that basket of blocks on the bottom shelf is a laundry basket!

the rest of the playroom still needs to be decided upon, but gathering all the toys in one place was half the battle. a definitely happy me.

thehobbit is happy because he scored the bestest hat in all the world! today. we popped into a thrift shop on our way home from running errands, to see what treasures we could find. oh boy did we find one.

those of you who've been reading for awhile know that thehobbit loooooves fancy clothes. i wish you could have seen the absolute joy on his face when he not only found the hat (original tags still on it), but was told he could have it for his very own.

once home, he asked me to take bunches of photos of me in my hat, all sides of it, & some without me too. above we have hobbit in hat from behind - in case you wanted to search for the print in a gallery ;-)

so yup - shiny, happy people.


maltagirl said...

oh hazah! to the free shelving unit! i am so happy for the belfry overhauling. I know what it will do for your head:) happy days mama happy days!

kat said...

thanks soap :-)
he's quite thrilled with how the playroom is coming together.

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