28 January 2009

in which the day was lovely

today was lovely. the weather was warm, with a slight crisp breeze - perfect for a light sweater, or not.

we spent the first half of the day out & about. we hit the library, the farmers' market (eating more than our share of tasters), then celebrated our full bellies by popping into a thrift shop.

today's treasures: a cookbook, an extra-long camisole, & a black zip-hoodie for thehobbit. do you know how difficult it is to find hoodies without pictures or writing on them? & in black!? it was a christmas miracle i tell you. i love his fashion sense, but at times it makes finding clothes difficult.
** in case you were wondering: he thinks the black hoodie will look fabulous beneath his black suit jacket. **

the second half of our day was dedicated to hobbity scootering. with the lovely weather, i wasn't content to read on the porch whilst he puttered along. i walked alongside him so far behind that he had to stop regularly so i could catch up, looking at all the flowers in bloom.

now he's happily drawing, & i'm goofing here until i have to make dinner. i found this recipe that i'm going to drastically alter. if it turns out well, i'll post my version. it's been a long time since i last posted a vegetarian recipe.
totally unrelated to my day, i had to share this beautiful paper doll. she is the creation of one of my favorite bloggers, & illustrators belle & boo. would you look at her little shirt?!!!

photo :: property of belle & boo

if you aren't familiar with her blog, or her work, you should pop over & poke around. her illustrations are utterly charming.

that's all the time i have today. a certain person is starved unto the very brink, so i should get dinner on. thanks for the chat.



belleandboo said...

hey Kat thanks for the mention, you have inspired me to pop in into my local thrift shop this afternoon and see what treasures I can find

kat said...

you're welcome mandy :-)

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