06 January 2009


i've begun the long process of getting the house in order. not content to merely deep clean, i'm trying to figure out how our home can be changed to better suit our lifestyle.

when thehobbit was younger, a playroom was a wonderful thing. he could spend hours in there playing with toys, or engaging in complex games of make-believe. unfortunately he's spent little time in his playroom the last 6 months, so the room morphed into a dumping ground.

we discussed moving his bed in there; many of his friends now sleep on their own; but he's still happy sleeping in our room. what we need is an in-between room - not quite a playroom, but not yet a bedroom.

i also need to transform the studio. it's so far removed from the main part of our home, that i don't like working back there. a few months ago thehobbit gave up his nook (the little sun room off the kitchen), so i could move my sewing machine there. that has worked out wonderfully well. it's not a large enough area for anything but the basics, but not so far from the studio where the rest is stored.

having moved the sewing machine, & always having crafted at the dining table, i rarely have a reason to go into the studio. my studio is now a dumping ground - like mama like son. what i need back there is a wall of shelves. i like those ugly, metal garage units, because they are sturdy, & deep. they can hold stacks of fabric, & bins of art supplies. once we get those, i'm sure i can figure out what to do with the rest of that room.

i'm not comfortable living in a home that has unused areas - i find myself stressed by them. not to mention how easy it is to let an unused room get stacked with crud, & dusty beyond belief.

so what shall be henceforth known as the belfry overhaul of aught-nine (tbooan) starts this week. thehobbit & i are going to fill bags of unwanted toys for donation, & pack away beloved, but no longer played with toys for visiting. he likes to occasionally visit things he loves too much to give away in their garage bins. if you have a softie kid too, i recommend this practice.

once we are left with just the basics, we'll figure out what to do with his room. i think deep shelving is the answer in there as well, but i'd love something enclosed instead. with his dust mite allergy, it makes more sense. perhaps a desk as well. he fell in love with an ancient roll-top at a thrift shop last month, but it was much too rickety.

if you have any fabulous ideas for me, please share!!!
** the jars shown house some of my favorite treasures: pottery bits smoothed by years in the ocean, tiny shells from various vacations, & old wooden alphabet beads. **


maltagirl said...

i hear you sister! it makes me nuts to have stuff that doesn't get used lying about. It seems to be always under foot. when you live in a small home this becomes apparent way faster! I did the major toss on the dd's room right before the holidays. she loves it and is in there "working" all the time now!

~Phoenix~ said...

I have no idea what you are talking about...snigger

bhán said...

Have you thought about mounting floor-to-ceiling shelves along one wall and putting French doors or tall hinged windows in front of them so that everything is visible but won't get dusty? A handyman can help you do this for not much money if you have everything ready.

kat said...

oooh tinker that would be beautiful! i'll have to see what my budget is. thanks :-)

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