18 January 2009

show & tell

i thought i'd show you a few things i'm working on. this square of linen will be stitched onto something for theshop:

this dinky creature is for one of my swaps:

& would you look at this?! i did not create this amazing piece, but i love it so much that i just had to share!

it is done in paper, inside a matchbox! a swap partner sent it to me, & it arrived yesterday. i thought i took a better photo of it, but the shadows look more dark here. the patience it must have taken to create all those teeny furnishings out of paper. i haven't that much patience i can assure you.

that's all from me today. i slept poorly last night, so am beyond sleepy today. i've not the energy for anything more strenuous than sitting in a sunny window. i hope the remainder of your weekend is lovely.

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