16 January 2009


i chose the wrong room to begin tbooan. don't get me wrong; it feels great to have the playroom on its way to becoming a more usable space. the problem is - by not starting with the studio, i'm still no closer to being able to get to my bins of fabric than i was when this whole mess began.

each day i think ooh! i have a fabulous idea!, or hmm i really should get some sewing done, so off to the studio i go. once there i'm thwarted by stacks & piles of things that belong elsewhere - & quite possibly a family of trolls.

being unable to sew is driving me batty. i have a few wips that needed to be finished weeks ago, & project that must be completed before the end of january. other than that, i just really want to sew - mostly because i am unable to. thwart me will you?!
our plans for today were cancelled, so i may try to dig out the bins. i haven't the time to get the whole studio seen to, but that bit i can manage. happily my studio opens to the backyard. with such gorgeous weather, we shall be able to leave the door open during the dig-out.
just thinking about a wide-open door, warm air, & sunshine makes me feel quite lucky. as i type this i'm chatting with my most beloved spryte, who is dealing with 15 below zero. is there even a single word to describe how cold that is?
ooh! i want to know what your weather is right now. leave a comment with your town's temperature (include f or c), if it's day or night, & where in the world you are.

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