02 January 2009

my rose-colored world

the past few days have been spent at home, just being. few chores have been done, even fewer homeschool projects, & absolutely no crafting of any kind. it's been lovely.

at first thehobbit flopped about the belfry, complaining of boredom. after i lovingly pointed out the room filled with stuff i could get rid of to make way for my very own dressing room reminded him of all the wonderful things he could do, he set about creating his own entertainment.
he's been wearing a groove into the sidewalk with his new scooter, drawing pictures of slightly steampunked submarines, jamming with elvis on his guitar, watching documentaries & science programs, & reading stories to mo (pet betta).

i have been quietly watching him, marvelling in who he is. i wish i could bottle his passion, his curiosity, & his hunger for knowledge & adventure. he fascinates me, this little man of mine.

right now he's at the stove, cooking his lunch. if you could see the concentration on his face, the serious eyes, the pride in his stance - it's beautiful, but as his mama i get to admit it's a little funny as well. after all, this is the same person who thinks that top hats are appropriate (& at times necessary) when going poops.

other than enjoying my child, i've done little more than warming my chilled bones in the brief spurts of sunshine. how have you been spending your time?


** the photos are of flowers waiting to be added to the rose parade floats. **

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