12 January 2009

a bit of earth

the weather here has been stunning - so warm, so clear. after too many weeks of bone-chilling cold, the warmth has made me so very happy. we've spent a good deal of time sitting in the sun, baking away the dregs of the pestilence, & watching the crows fly.

we've also begun getting the farm ready for spring. yesterday thehobbit & i spent the first half of the day tending the beds, & making notes of what we'll want to grow where. i couldn't stand the bareness, so we drove to the nursery to see what was to be had.

not much unfortunately; but we did get an artichoke, 9 strawberries, and a small flat of lettuce. i'm already dreaming of freshly picked strawberries, dipped in whipped cream mmmmmmm.

poking around the internet for inspiration, i came across this photo:

ooooh i want this garden for my very own. i want it bad. i came across the photo quite by accident, & haven't been able to trace it back to post the owner's info for you. for now i'm content to pretend this bit of earth is all mine.
what about you? do you have an urban farm? a flower garden? a bunch of things in containers? what's growing?

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