27 January 2009

kats hibernate too

i'm sorry i've been so quiet of late. manlyman left for his annual week at the bob hope classic, & i responded by hibernating. thehobbit & i filled pages in our sketchbooks, read books, worked on homeschool projects, watched the rain fall, & drank gallons of hot cocoa. i also spent a day & a half on the couch with a mildish bout of food poisoning, but i'm trying to forget that bit.

i wish i could say i managed to get a lot done around the house whilst home; cleaning, laundry, finishing either room i'd torn apart; but it didn't happen. we weren't forced to run about nakie, nor eat off of dirty dishes, but i do have quite a bit of catching-up to do on top of the catching-up that already needed getting done.

now that manlyman is home, & back at work, i'm attempting to get back into the normal swing of things: play dates, field trips, chores, & crafting. oh! & blogging of course.

tonight i get to see my girlies for the weekly craft night! did you see that exclamation point? yes, i am that excited to see them. i didn't get to attend last week, which in craft-night-years equals at least an eon.

& now, my one & only reader, i'm off to get ready for the day. i hope you get to do things that bring you joy today.



asti said...

Have a great day...nothin wrong with a bit of down time ......x

kat said...

thanks asti :-)

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