18 August 2008

things i'm enjoying these days

1) slacker radio - similar to pandora, but i like it so much better. i find with slacker, i hear the artist i chose more often than i did with pandora. plus the look suits me better.

2) dr. horrible - i keep replaying this whilst working on other things. hysterical! but it's slowing me down, because i cannot stop clicking over to watch my imaginary-tv-boyfriend singing for me. blondes aren't my thing; my other imaginary boyfriends are the dark, brooding type (as is manlyman); but he is quite funny on his tv show, & he can sing. funny is good, & singing earns serious imaginary-boyfriend-points. & yes i know he is gay. imaginary boyfriends need not be straight. or real. hence the word imaginary. stop picking on me, this is how i stay sane. -ish.

3) komankeo - we discovered these a few months back, & fell in love! the entire belfry is smitten with the kitten. don't stop with one, watch them all. i always watch the user radibo's clips. i forget why now, but there was a good reason i preferred his (hers?) over the others'.

4) dang! i also forgot what the other enjoyable thing was i'd wanted to share with you. i'll make something up. it's easier to keep typing, than to delete number 4. um. never mind. it's been a long day. let's just say... i enjoy babbling, & leave it at that.

what things are making you happy these days? leave a comment with links please!


Eliza said...

This is my first time posting here. I like your blog.

Thanks for sharing what you're enjoying. My kids are loving Komaneko.

kat said...

i'm glad you stopped lurking :-)

& you are very welcome. isn't komaneko the sweetest? dang now i have to go watch.


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