11 August 2008

second to the right, & straight on till morning.

the end of summer is when homeschoolers rush about, making plans, & gathering things for the coming school year. we don't actually do school in our family, so we don't have anything from which to break each summer. still; each august i find myself rushing along with everyone else.

i recently wrote briefly about the most fantabulistic plan ever (tmfpe) - & how we're going to do less, & focus more by doing themes. a week into planning, & i am thrilled at how well this is working out! tmfpe is making searching for projects, activities, field trips, & crafts so much easier. i'm also finding that as i hunt for books for one theme, i can write down books i run into that will work for themes ahead.

we don't start until september (pirates!) but i noticed we've stumbled into a theme. i have no intention of doing any planning for it that takes more than a few minutes of my time of which i have none; but if we stumble some more we'll go with it. the unofficial theme for august is: peter pan.

a few days ago we finished the peter & the series (see below) - which if you have not yet listened to you must! it was the most amazing trilogy i've ever heard (jim dale!) i'm sure reading it is amazing as well (but jim dale!)

we i mostly cried at the end; it was a bittersweet ending, & thehobbit & i hate when things end. except back spasms - any day now please.

tonight manlyman was looking for a bedtime story, & i suggested a book we were lucky to snag at the last book swap. they got 2 chapters in, & declared it awesome!

this story focuses on tink & the other faeries, which thrilled thehobbit to no end. he had no idea what the story was about before they lay down to read.

the library is requesting we visit this week; something about wanting books back?; so i'll see if they have my favorite of the peter pan movies. i like the cathy rigby version of the play, & hook is cute, but i cannot stand the disney cartoon.

knowing thehobbit he'll come up with loads of make-believe to go along with this. don't be surprised if by september i'm so up to my eyeballs in over-the-top peter pan activities/lessons/crafts/field trips, that i'm bitching about being behind.

i'll teach you to jump on the wind's back, & away we go! ~ p. pan


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