17 August 2008

here's mud in your eye

paper & i took the shorties to mud mania today. it was hot; not as hot as last year; but hot enough to sweat where a girl ought not. as usual a fabulous time was had by all. the shorties ran about squirting everything with water, & couldn't have been happier. i must say that selling (filled!) water bottles at an event such as this, was pure genius! all day fun for $1.

for some reason neither child felt like making adobe, or any of the usual historical activities. come to think on it, they did very few crafts this year as well. for the first time in mud mania history, both kids arrived home in their original, non-muddy clothing! very odd.


because of the historic aspect of the venue, they always have a small table of the sweetest, old-fashioned toys, & kits for sale. the shorties made a beeline for the cast iron pencil sharpeners, squealing "borrowers!"

for only $3 i couldn't say no. well i could, but look how damn cute the stove is! the door opens so the borrowers can stoke their fire. & really, they couldn't keep cooking on that little bottle cap hotplate thehobbit rigged for them. um i mean - he said. the little door opens!


before dinner thehobbit & i relaxed in the backyard, waiting for manlyman to get home from work. he quietly searched the grass for roly-polies, whilst i just lay there, & stared at the sky. it was the clearest blue, not a cloud to be seen. there are certain shades of sky that i cannot tear my eyes from. this was one of those shades. just a crisp, perfect, sun low in the sky blue. i know many people think that los angeles has a brown sky; which we did back in the day; but it's no longer the case. ok i do live where it is nearly always breezy, & that breeze is straight from the ocean - but still!

staring at the sky set my mood for the remainder of the day; a peaceful happy. how could it not: a cool breeze on a warm day, a beautiful boy nearby (content to whisper to the bug world), everything so quiet that i could hear all the leaves rustling on the giant pecan tree, & all of it ending with manlyman coming home?! i could have done without the part where he had to help me up, because my back was acting badly.

i hope your day ended peacefully happy.


** congrats to a certain cowgoddess on the future expansion of her herd! **

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