04 August 2008


that is how one mama described the homeschool expo this past weekend, & i think that about sums it up. it was 3 of the most amazing days ever - i'm having serious withdrawals today.

i met people i'd only known as email adresses, reunited with people i hadn't seen since last year's expo, hung out with local friends, & spent time with close friends who had abandoned me moved away.

the sessions i attended were inspiring - well all but one. sadly one i'd been looking forward to turned out to be lame. manlyman, soap, & i made up for the lameness, by quietly misbehaving in the back of the room.

our hogwarts homeschool (hh) session was a success! i was on the verge of vomiting the entire time, but i managed to make it through. those of you who don't know me in person; i'm horridly, freakyshy. it takes all my focus to just talk with people i barely know. even then i feel slightly queasy, so you can imagine what a room filled with people did to me.

when i wasn't in sessions, or volunteering, i played with friends. manlyman & thehobbit swam whenever they got the chance. those 2 are fish. strange, slightly dorky fish.

oh! i almost forgot: i took a ribbon embroidery session. i sucked at it, but it was fun. the woman who taught many of the home arts sessions was quite lovely. go visit her blog - wait! not yet. sheesh. finish reading, leave a comment, then go visit.

i don't yet know who won the gift bag the dragonfly artisans donated. hopefully the winner will either come here, or to the group blog, & let us know who he/she is.

there hasn't been much time to craft or sew of late. this week won't be any different. i have to get everything from the expo session, uploaded to the hh blog, then start getting ready for the r&s day of peace in september. i could use a time turner about now.

i hope your weekend was as fabupalooza as was mine. what did you do?

ps... sorry for the lack of photos. blogger isn't letting me upload today.


belleandboo said...

well done you, I would hate to talk to room full of people, I think I really would be sick!

kat said...

i nearly was!

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