09 August 2008

more cooking with boxes

the good news is that the pestilence is waning; both thehobbit & i woke today feeling much better. the bad news; that dratted balance again; is that my back is worse. i don't know how this happened, i may have worked a bit on the farm yesterday but i do know that by bedtime last night i was a wreck. sleep was fun. when i slept. which wasn't often.

thehobbit was not thrilled to learn i'd have to take it easy again. luckily he is well enough to be with other kids, so he spent the morning playing quietly in the backyard with boobah (his honorary little brother.) whew.

some of you may not know this, but we are vegetarians. there also various food woes amongst the belfries: wheat, soy, corn, cow-dairy. it makes cooking quite an adventure.

i love to cook, as well as to modify & create recipes; so there is that. one of my hopes for this blog, is to share my food alterations & creations with you. i've not posted many, because i always forget to take photos to go along with recipes. yes i know that doesn't shock you in the least. i should invite clip-art over for dinner once in awhile. ha!

another problem is that i never measure. friends are forever yelling at me for that - apparently it makes sharing recipes with them a tad difficult. who knew? i've enlisted soap as my official recipe tester, which forces me to dust off the measuring spoons & cups. that, & i want to ensure she keeps gifting me with her farm's bounty. shhhhh. she tested the first recipe last night:

Potatoes & Slop
1 box imagine no-chicken broth
1 box trader joe's pav bhaji
1 can chickpeas, rinsed
1 brown onion, diced
2 med. zucchini, diced
1/3c brown rice, uncooked
1c orange lentils, uncooked
russet potatoes, 1-2 per person
*put all the ingredients; minus the potatoes; into the crock-pot.
*cook on high for 5 hours (it will look like gloppy, slop when it is done - do not panic!)
*whilst the crock-pot is doing its thing, bake the potatoes to your liking.
*serve the slop over the potatoes (salt & pepper to taste)
** note :: even though the pav bhaji is quite spicy, the slop has no heat whatsoever. **

the verdict -- the belfries, & the soaps loved it; children included. i hope you do as well. let me know when you've tried it please.


sorry i have no crafting to share; it's had to take a back seat to other things for the time being. how do you cope when life gets in the way of crafting & sewing - because seriously? i'm having withdrawals.


** there is a new post at hogwarts homeschool **

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