08 August 2008

pass the tofurkey & stuffing please.

i'm feeling quite thankful today; vastly different from yesterday's someone peed in my cereal post. we still have the pestilence, but my back isn't spasming nearly as often. the belfry is still a mess, & i'm still done with being here, & not having my own friends with whom to play. & yet? i'm paying attention to the silver linings now.

here is a list for what i'm thankful today; none of it deep, moving, or accompanied by photos.

* miniature legos, dinky harry potter characters & hogwarts castle set, wooden blocks, mud, water, & a borrowed shade structure in the backyard - combined with thehobbit's long attention span, & freakyhuge imagination. plus his contentment playing all of that by himself. ssshhhhh.

* books on cd from the library.

* knowing manlyman has a short day at work, & shall be home in just 2 hours.

* ready-made food. yes i know we should eat all of our food fresh; & i mostly do; but when i'm pestilencificated, (real word) & worn out? bring on the boxes! here is what we had for lunch today:

punjab choley noodles
1/2 a box of imagine's no-chicken broth
1/2 a bag of trader joe's rice noodle sticks
1 box of trader joe's punjab choley
put it all into a pot, & cook for a few minutes; until the noodles have cooked.
that's how i ate mine, & it was brilliant. because thehobbit can't handle its heat; oops i forgot to tell you that this is quite spicy; i added more to the pot once i filled my bowl.
1/2 c frozen peas
1 tsp olive oil
1/4 c trader joe's coconut milk
i realize some of you may not have trader joe's near you, so try whole foods, or perhaps order things online. by the way; the coconut milk is not the thin, watery kind that you drink. this is a very thick liquid. it is added to cut the heat, so don't substitute for the more watery version. if you do dairy, i'd use cream. well i personally would not being lactose intolerant, but i would use chevre. many who cannot tolerate dairy, find it is just cow dairy that they cannot handle. all the belfries can't have cow products, but we can tolerate goat & sheep products perfectly well. you should give it a try if you too suffer from lactose woes.
once the pestilence has gone, my back is fully well, the belfry is no longer foul - then i'll be thankful for my beautiful hobbit, husband, & all that jazz. for now i'll focus on the little things that are helping me through.


maltagirl said...

ohhhhh i have all of that in the cupboard right now! dinner for tomorrow night CHECK! i will report back on its success!

kat said...

fabulous! i look forward to hearing your review. happy eating :-)

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