07 August 2008

balancing act

i know there needs to be balance in the world, & i'm fine with it: good/bad, light/dark, caff/decaff, etc. what i'm not fine with is balance messing with my schedule. i should have known that an amazing few days of expo & family time; would be followed by a few days of sucky time.

it began with my back spasming, followed closely by thehobbit coming down with pestilence. now i have pestilence & back spasms, plus a to-do list longer than santa's. sigh.

i'm a little stressed by all i'm unable to get done right now. not that i enjoy cleaning, & errands mind you, but if i fall any farther behind it will be a nightmare to catch up. i suspect it already shall be. and (i had to write the actual word, to stress the importance of this next bit) i am sick of being home. do you hear that home?! i am sick of you, your mess, your ants, your laundry piles, & the fact that you don't have any soy ice cream with chocolate sauce & whipped cream for me!!!!

if that wasn't enough for a proper pity party; thehobbit & i are done having only each other for company. i love him, & he loves me, & we're both ready to stare at other people now. when he realized that daddyo was working the late shift tonight, & they wouldn't get to play together; he began to cry. i nearly joined him.


with the back spasms i'm not able to do much, nor sit for very long. i did get the farm watered, but that's pretty much it, & watering took forever. we have our next round of seedlings popping up, so i could not let it go until manlyman got home tonight. the heat of the day would have killed them. still, it wasn't too difficult, & i didn't worsen my back lugging the hose about. that would be a very thin silver lining - unfortunately i'm not in the mood for silver linings of any thickness.

on that happy note, i'm off. i hope you are having a vastly better few days than i. if not, join the pity party, & leave a comment.


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