15 August 2008

the elves began it, waking up the trees, teaching them to speak

i've begun the painfully slow process of uploading all my photos to costco, so i can remove them from elvie. i'm convinced that once i'm able to do that, she'll no longer run slower than dirt. because she does though, means that uploading photos is a royal pain in the arse.

the one thing stopping me from throwing elvie out a window; other than i'm still unable to lift heavy things; is that thehobbit & i are having a wonderful time discussing everything the photos tell us. what amazing adventures we have had!


i did notice a theme running through the years of photos - it would seem i love trees. ok i already knew i loved trees, but i hadn't realized that i took pictures of them nearly everywhere we went. many of the tree photos are like these; from beneath, looking up through the branches. i wonder why that is. that one above is the giant tree in our front yard.


the tree below is the same as the one featured on this site. neither photo shows how enormous this tree really is. the plants in the foreground are probably 3ft tall, if that helps. thehobbit likes to lean against the trunk of the tree, between the giant roots. he doesn't do anything once there, just stands. i don't know if it's a tree thing, or that thing kids have where they like being in enclosed places: blanket forts beneath tables, cardboard box forts, etc.

the tree was photographed at last year's mud mania. seeing it reminded me of the previous year's event, & led me to search for this photo:

that is the hobbit after his team lost a game of tug-o-war. they don't mess around with skimpy mud puddles - the pit was fairly deep. he's not got his hands on his hips in a 'tude of any kind; he was trying to keep his shorts from falling off from the weight of all the mud. i love this photo :-)


it feels wonderful to be able to share photos with you! & so easily. wish me luck that the internet gods allow me to upload the remaining few thousand!

have a lovely day :-)

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