06 August 2008

jane's addiction

actually the addiction is mine, but manlyman had this song on the radio the other day, & it got stuck in my head.

what is wrong with me that i love books so? yes, i know kajillions of people love books, but i worry that my love borders on the you can love your dog, just don't love your dog kind of love.

do i not already have shelves & stacks of books crammed into the belfry? did i not just get rid of books at a swap, & here? did i not then receive books from both places? & finally, did i not just post about books i bought at the expo? why then did i purchase more books today?

ok so books are wonderful. books are even necessary, especially when one homeschools -ha! i wrote expecially at first - but seriously. i need to stop. i shall not stop, & if any random person tries to stop me, i'll sell all his golf accoutrement whilst he is at work but really i should. i won't. but i probably should. or i'll perhaps buy more.

we decided to shake things up in our homeschooling this year, & play with month-long themes. whenever possible we plan to mesh what we already do into those themes. for example: september is to be pirate month. we'll read a piratey book for thehobbit's book/craft club, take piratey field trips, do loads of pirate crafts, & whatever else we can come up with. this way we do less (because we aren't adding fun themes to our already bursting schedule,) & we'll focus on what we do more. in theory it sounds perfect! that brings us back to the books i bought today.
** edited to add :: people have emailed with concerns that the above sounds more like fun, & not so much like school. first let me say, we aren't in school, so of course we're having fun. ha! to clarify; he will be reading maps, using a compass, studying the carribean, building a wooden pirate ship model, & whatever else we come up with. thanks for your concern. **
i bought them from the new or used section, & chose the least expensive, with the shortest distance to be shipped. in every case the shipping; at $4; cost more than the books. in a few cases 3 dollars more! i have to say, i behaved only slightly very well, & stopped with just the books i was looking for.
i try to use the library for the majority of our book needs, but i will buy things we're bound to use over & over. & seriously... can one have too many piratey books?

you are invited; as usual; to join us on our piratey adventures through all of september! i'll post any activity, or other piratetastic (real word) thing we do - then you come back, & leave a comment with a link to your blog, so we can all see what you did! arrrrgh.
ps... all questions regarding my behavior are rhetorical.

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