28 September 2012

my sunshine


i don't know about you, but there are some mundane chores that make me happy; sorting pens is one of that ilk. come to think on it, sorting of any sort (see what i did there?) brings me joy. i have no idea why this is, but i am quite sure it is not proof that i am odd as a certain husband has often suggested.

when the bizzie was up & running i was using my permanent markers daily. because of this, they were regularly checked for dead pens, & put away in an orderly fashion after each drawing session. since closing (sob!) i have used the markers, but have just shoved them back, willy-nilly, in their containers. i know - horror of horrors! worse yet? i would mix different pens merely to get things put away quickly. gasp!

the other day i was in need of a few permanent markers, & found that half i pulled out were dead. this prompted a house-wide marker check. the dead ones were given a proper burial-at-garbage bin, & the survivors sorted properly.

thehobbit did not appear to be as thrilled that his pens too were now checked & properly sorted, but i think this was an attempt to keep tears of joy at bay. probably.

for those wondering: the container in which i house my permanent markers is a metal utensil caddy.  i have found that the caddy is the best for storing pens that get a lot of use. this works for many taller art supplies: pencils, paint brushes, scissors, & so on.

the little sunshine quote was my own addition. i liberated it from an eco gnome. as i walked away with my little quote, i could have sworn i heard him say please don't take my sunshine away. i thought to myself, clever naked eco gnome, & proceeded to glue it to my caddy.

shortly after this photo was taken, the left over pens were returned to their proper bins. i remember using all of those calligraphy markers, but when ever did i find a need for six different highlighters? 

manlyman was home by this time, so i proudly showed him the results of my labor. i showed him the permanent markers all happy in their utensil caddy, the calligraphy markers in the calligraphy pen & ink bin, & the highlighters put back into their labeled ziplock baggie. whilst we were in the bin of be-ziplocked pens, i showed him the regular pen ziplock baggie, the mechanical pencil ziplock baggie, the dry-erase pen ziplock baggie (why don't we own a dry-erase board?), the regular pencil ziplock baggie, & the moving box labelling pen ziplock baggie.

like his son, manlyman did not seem thrilled by my sorting. he also declined all offers to hold the individual ziplock baggies. most likely this was an attempt to keep his tears of gratitude & awe at bay. probably.

note of note ::
spell-check needs to get off my back.

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