01 October 2012

toddler sewing basket


if you follow me on pinterest you will know that i have a toddler homeschool board. on it i pin activities that i think elfling will like. not all have been the huge success i had hoped they would be (example), but others have been. the toddler sewing kit is one such success. here are the beginnings of ours.

the stringing kit long ago lost its favor, but reclaimed it by being added to the sewing basket. fickle toddler. we still store this set in the pouch i had sewn for it, to help keep the basket organized.

yarn & a blunt yarn needle for sewing practice. i have wrapped the yarn (there are actually two shorter lengths on this) around a spool. it helps eliminate a tangled mess, & elfling thinks it is fun to wrap & unwrap.

the others used mesh in an embroidery hoop for practice. he tried it, but no matter how taut i made the mesh, there was too much give, & he would become frustrated. i should say here that elfling is not what you'd call the most patient of toddlers. i am sure that most wee ones would do well with the mesh-in-hoop version. happily, i had this metal tray? decoration? basket? (i honestly do not know its original purpose) acorn in the studio which works perfectly.

also in the basket: a nylon zipper, a bag of cable ties (aka zip ties), & a felt stringer. more on the last two another day.

if you have any other ideas for the toddler sewing basket, i would love to hear about them. you know. in the comment section. which this blog has. nudge, nudge.

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