05 September 2012

a cubby, poorly photographed


do you recall the giant cubby unit from a few years ago? it did its job well over the past two years, keeping the fabric for my bizzie tidy & accessible. i never did get around to painting it, but i have long since mostly stopped seeing the stains & ugly paint.

the last of the fabric was packed away this weekend past, & yesterday i began filling the cubbies with homeschool books & supplies. this does not take the place of the large bookcase of books that is back there (did i chat with you about that yet? brain in full swiss cheese mode), rather it holds the large books, notebooks, & so on.

there are 12 cubbies in this unit; more than enough to allow elfling to have two for his own use. the bottom of his two cubbies holds his scissor kit, & his sorting basket.

please pretend that these photos are not so poorly lit. it is a gorgeously overcast day - wonderful for being kat, not so wonderful for taking photos. i have no excuse for the fuzzy focus. oops.

my files outgrew this planter, so now it holds teensy notebooks, moleskines, etc. this works out much better than my old system of stacking them, & seeing how long until they topple.

because this unit is so large & sturdy, i am able to set heavy items atop it. out of the shot is thehobbit's old borrowers' house. a few of the rooms still hold the furnishings, but the largest space now houses my hogwarts homeschool notebooks. i have been slowly gathering hh papers from around thebelfry, but that is a chat for another day.

what is in the shot is an ugly little bookcase that used to be in the garage. it holds the office supply bins, some craft bins, vacuum bags & extra brushes, a large basket of twine & string, & the like.

for those who worry :: the cubby is truly a behemoth. it is deeper than the bookcase & borrowers' house, & insanely sturdy. once they were placed atop it, i repeatedly slammed into the cubby, & the items did not quiver one bit. & this was when the cubby held only fabric, not heavy books. elfling is not in danger of being crushed by falling shelves. also, this is not a toddler-proofed room, so he is not back there alone. 

four cubbies that were too shy to be photographed: manlyman's pga folders, garden shoes & boots, home office binders, & crappity crap that needs to find a home elsewhere. i did not lie when i said this was a behemoth!

that is all for today. as i continue ripping the studio apart (yes, i know it seems as if i have been doing this project forever & a day. be quiet.), i'll take photos to share. you know you are just dying to see how i manage to squeeze a studio, a home office, & a homeschool library into one tiny room.

if you have a favorite organization tip, please share!


Aimee said...

You've been busy Mama. Thanks for the inspiration; I'm off to sit in front of the telly and ignore the mess on my shelves.

* said...

this is why i do the hard work, so that others can enjoy their day. :)

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