14 September 2012

the big & little of it


just the other day i was whining wondering aloud, why are popsicle molds so large? how is it that they do not sell molds better suited to the needs of wee toddlers?

it isn't that i am concerned that elfling is getting too much sugar; i make my pops from coconut milk & fruit only. it is just that he does not often finish one, & refuses to eat left over pops. pre-eaten popsicles? are you mad, woman? forget that he did the pre-eating...

it would seem that daiso is not only dangerous, it is also my very own be-lamped genie.

my new molds are still hideous to look upon (does everything made for children have to be in bright colors?), but they are the most perfectly toddlerish (real word) size.

they are nearly half as big! witness the pre-eaten pop, sitting sadly in the larger mold.

no, i was not photo-happy this morn. i could not get a good shot of the molds, so decided to just upload all of the bad ones instead. i am sure there is logic there somewhere.


1 comment:

The Imposter said...

Even at a ripe old age I still enjoy popsicles...especially strawberry.

At my age I care about the size?

...Anyroad..your little one will grow up and prefer the larger size.....

...all too soon probably x

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