12 September 2012

dangerously daiso


each week i am forced to spend two hours at a bowling alley, so thehobbit can participate in a homeschool bowling league, or, as i call it evil league of evil. no, there is nothing wrong with bowling, nor with bowlers, for that matter. i just do not like bowling. at all. not even a smidge.

happily, there is a daiso within walking distance of the alley, & that i do like. i try not to go often, but today i had a reason - i needed padded mailing envelopes. a perfectly valid reason, wouldn't you say?

well, they had none this time, but! i managed to find a giant bag's worth few things. like the lego-shaped earphone cable holder thingamabobs for my lego fiend. i have no idea what one does with such thingamabobs, but thehobbit was thrilled to now have a pair of his very own.

elfling chose this adorable notebook to go in his bowling bag. i keep bags for various occasions, filled with toys & activities not to be touched during other times. this boy is not easily entertained, so novelty is helpful. (wonkly translations in german this time!)

a new session of evil league of evil calls for a new notebook & pens. sort of like the beginning of a new school year. or something.

he did not need new pens, but a new pencil box seemed reasonable enough. is this not the most adorable pencil box ever?! there were four from which to choose, & as he was looking them over i kept thinking theorangeone theorangeone theorangeone. hoorah!

this needs no explanation. 

oh daiso, you wonderful japanese $1.50 store, you are one dangerous place to visit.



Anna said...

Wow! You picked up some great stuff! I think I'll have to check this place out.

* said...

but a mere sampling of daiso's awesomeness!

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