21 September 2012

creepy is the new cute


one & only reader, i would like you to meet ariel. she is a squinkie. what? you have no idea what a squinkie is? no worries, until last week, i too was blissfully unaware.

elfing loves them (a flotsam/jetsam squinkie came with ariel). i do not. well, i do think they are adorable, in a creepy sort of way. what i do not enjoy is the constant frantic searching that we have to do each time they are misplaced. i can hear you now a toddler misplacing an object the size of a dime? preposterous. indeed.

their purchase was a whim. we were at a toy store over the weekend, merely to enjoy the air conditioning. i saw the squinkies display, & thought why not spend two dollars to add something tiny to his play-box (more on that another day). i could not decide which mini set to purchase, & was about to give up when i noticed they were having a 2-for-1 sale. so i just grabbed a random mini set, & bought two of the larger sets to put away for the holidays.

something tells me i shall rue the decisions i made that day.

cute & a bit creepy, yes?


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