04 September 2012

les messieurs


i am a pinteraddict (real word). last night i decided to pop on & quickly check for organization tips. a real need to find ways to organize papers led to a possibly less real need to find ways to make the ordinary more fabulous. 

eleventy billion hours later & i was digging out the fancy paper tape that my darlingest tinker bought for me in seattle this summer. i hadn't the time to sit down & craft, but i had, had, had to give this a go.

how utterly fabulous is this ordinary binder clip now?! (please ignore the rumpled up end of the tape. this was quickly done.)

i am thinking that a certain elfling will be going to bed early tonight, so his mama can spend some quality time with messieurs tape & clips!


1 comment:

robincgonz said...

For my wedding, eons ago, we painted a bunch of binder clips white and then glued glitter on them and used them to hold the table cloths in place!

They also held the greenery swags that surrounded the table, and were only slightly visible, which was the point: but what was visible was glittery, not black.

Awesome idea covering them with tape, though!

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