17 September 2012

bits & bobs, fancyficated

bags hanging on my closet's door

with his photo-blog well under way, thehobbit spends a fair amount of time playing with photos. he was just having too much fun, so i decided to play too. having no tardis to feature, & a toddler uninterested in being photographed, i just popped around thebelfry snapping bits & bobs.

lavender in a milk-glass vase

mini-adam accosting the eiffel tower


a cartoon painted by thehobbit yesterday. whatever could it be...

finally getting illustrations in elfling's playnook. nothing says 'toddler' like ale!

currently on display on our museum wall. the dapper man on the left is my gr-grandfather.

me, with unwashed hair in a ponytail, & no makeup. sorry people, i'm taken.

if you want to fancyficate (real word) your photos too, download picasa. it's does not have a lot of options, but definitely enough for the average jane & her teenage joe. i cannot recall what was done to each, but i'll do my best: 
1 - soft focus
2 - cinemascope
3 - beats me
4 - have not a clue
5 - comic book
6 - 1960s
7 - saturation
8 - black & white / polaroid

hey! i remembered more than i thought i would. the photo of lavender is my favorite of the above. i love how it looks like a still from an old movie, & how the milk-glass vase nearly disappears against the white wall.

your turn to go off an play - enjoy!

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