19 September 2012

cozy fire, or fire cozy?

elfling is mad for fireman sam. on the way to washington this summer, manlyman stumbled upon an episode on netflix, & within days we had one smitten toddler. it has been a few months now, & his interest has not waned one bit. elfling eats, breathes, sleeps fireman sam.

he proclaimed that his wooden people were: sam, penny, elvis, & the rest of the crew, & regularly can be found helping them put out fires on pontypandy mountain.

today he decided that they needed a real fire to put out, & so i made one! i quickly cut two pieces of wool felt into a pitiful fire shape, & haphazardly stitched them together with floss. initially i was going to stuff it, & sew on a bottom, but i remembered we had a cute wooden tree, so left the bottom open. a fire cozy!

look! a forest fire!

thanks, fireman sam, you saved us all.


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