04 May 2009

the view from up here

thehobbit spends a great deal of time with my belly these days. he rubs it, sings to it, pokes at it, talks to it, & lately (with how active the bebe has gotten) has been laughing hysterically at it. though i love every moment of this immensely, i have to say that by far my favorite is this:

a few times a day he'll lay his head on my belly, & quietly snuggle. usually i can hear him whispering, but not loud enough for me to hear what's being said. the words aren't meant for my ears, so i don't ask. occasionally he'll look up with his huge, brown eyes, & there will be the most peaceful smile on his face.

i know it isn't the most artistic photo, but i like it. it was taken from my view, & it's how i'll remember this time in our lives. if you ask me, i get the best view up here.



~Phoenix~ said...

that's beautiful Kat. I remember those moments with Donovan Boy and they were so special! He's going to be a great big brother!

kat said...

thanks sweet oddsox :-)
i can picture d.b. doing the same too! that boy of your loves babies so.

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