03 May 2009

the arboretum

i've only been to the arboretum twice, but it's one of my most favorite places to visit. the first time was with oddsox & her boys. we made a marathon of the day, trying to see everything. it was great fun - we nearly accomplished our goal, & probably walked a zillion miles in the process.

this trip was with thepapers; a vastly shorter day, with vastly less walking. we focused our attention on a few gardens near the entrance, & attended the la garden show.

the event had not only booths for purchasing plants & garden items, but workshops, & garden displays as well. here are thehobbit & minipaper enjoying one such display. by enjoying, i mean they found it extremely entertaining to dip their hands repeatedly into the green water. green! ew.

i behaved myself at the sale booths, buying only a trinket from a vintage garden accessory vendor, & one potted plant. i know! i'm impressed with my restraint as well.

this was my favorite of the day: an enclosed vegetable garden! isn't it gorgeous?! the garden enclosure was just sturdy mesh, stretched over posts, with a door at either end. i want it. i love how they attached the doors to painted arbors, & how the beds are raised so high in the center, & that all the climbing structures are pretty (sigh). i couldn't get a shot of the entire garden, because there were people wandering within.

this would be thehobbit's favorite of the day. the arboretum has a large population of peafowl allowed to roam freely. they'd strut past us as we were strolling the gardens, & one male even came right beside me as we were picnicking. they truly are beautiful up close, & utterly unafraid of humans.
according to my research, a group of peafowl is called: a bevy, a muster, an ostentation, or a pride. if the group is only male, you can add: a cluster, a lek, a bawl, or a pulchritude to that list. i think i'll go with ostentation, simply because it seems to most suit them.
time for me to see what my little peahobbit is up to in the other room. i hear quite a bit of banging, which never bodes well. have a lovely sunday!

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