23 May 2009

kats in the nest

the nesting stage has begun. i haven't yet gotten to the point where i'm constantly cleaning, but i can see it coming.

already instead of thinking i really should xyz, i'm just doing it. that's a big tip-off for me, because; as queen of all procrastinators; i generally give something a lot of thought before getting to it.

to-do lists have been made, & things are getting to-done. theshop's list was the first seeing action. in the past week i've chosen the items i want to put in theshop, & to sell at winter faire, gone through fabric bins, & cut out a stack of birthday crown bodies.

most difficult for me is staying realistic in what i can get to before thebebe comes. with only 2.5 months left, i don't want to waste time sewing anything that isn't usually a good seller. that means no new products, & nothing iffy. blah.

another to-do list on which i've been focusing has to do with thebelfry. as i mentioned above, i'm not yet in the cleaning stage of things, but i have begun tackling the chaos that is our home.
inspired by an episode of oprah, thehobbit suggested we each get rid of half our belongings. he pointed out that after the challenge of living with less, all the people on the show were happier, & enjoyed each other more.
how could i say no to that? happier & enjoying my menfolk more? sign me up! so we'll be spending all of monday filling giant bags with things we don't need, & rarely (sometimes never) use.
a certain someone (who is not me, nor the person who suggested this challenge) is going to find this very difficult. manlyman loves his stuff. he has a hard time parting with his belongings, & has not yet met a freebie that he could say no to. my hope is that seeing his little guy going at it with such passion will infect & inspire him.
that's all the time for chatting i have today - i'm off to sketch designs to embroider on the birthday crowns. have a lovely weekend please!
** all photos in this post were taken by thehobbit. excuse the fuzziness, as they were shot through a screened window. **

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