17 May 2009

at week's end

i'm sorry to not have written all week. my mother has been in the hospital, & i'm afraid the only writing i've been good for has been short bits on twitter. she's through the worst part, but has to remain there until they feel she's fully healed.

on a completely happy note: i made a teeny blanket. i cut out some parts weeks ago, but couldn't get to my fabric bins to choose the rest. each time i passed the pile of blanket parts i felt a pang - thinking it would be one more wip never completed. after a morning of math puzzles & dominoes with thehobbit, i decided a few hours of sewing was just what was needed to end my week.

most of the fabric i chose came from clothes & sheets i'd saved over the years. i knew i wanted to back the blanket with flannel, so i was able to use thin fabrics that always get passed over when making bags & drink slings. choosing the colors was the easiest part - the center had to be an oatmeal-colored linen.

you'd think with all the years i've been sewing; & with all the books & tutorials out there; i would have researched how to make a patchie blanket before starting out. in usual katness (real word) i just jumped in, assuming it would work out in the end.

for the most part it did work out; but there are a few puckers, & a few places where my quilting wasn't as straight as i meant it to be.
i do love it in spite of the mistakes - most especially because the majority of the fabrics used hold memories of those i love. i think that is a good thing in which to wrap the newest member of the belfry.
it was also a nice way to end my week. that, & sharing chips, lemonade, & a cary grant film with my little hobbity boy. i hope your week ended nicely too.

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