26 May 2009

of stitches & shoes

so much for our grand plan to declutter. yesterday morn manlyman sliced open his wrist when he dropped a large, ceramic bowl - so instead of filling bags with things we no longer need, we watched him get stitches. no need to worry about him though; manlyman is fine.

the decluttering project is still taking place, just in smaller, daily spurts. today 2 boxes, & 3 large bags were filled then left where they were when i discovered i had to rearrange furniture immediately.

unrelated - i want these shoes:

i know! i hadn't thought about the cloth mary janes in years either. wait, i should warn new readers: i have an obsession with mary jane shoes of all sorts. always have had. so anyway - i've been looking for a pair of comfy shoes to get me through the remainder of my pregnancy.
these just may be the perfect pair: casual, lightweight, airy, & cloth. the only thing they wouldn't do for is a day of walking. as my belly is now the size of a small country, i doubt i'll do many day-long excursions in the near future.
now i need only decide if i'm going to order them online, or make the trip to china town. one is vastly easier, but the other could involve food. oh the difficult decisions in life! ;-)
i hope that none of you had to go to the hospital yesterday, & that all of you find just the pair of shoes you'd been looking for.

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