08 May 2009

back in the saddle,

figuratively speaking - because let's face it; i don't know that there is a horse strong enough to handle my current tweedledeeness.

i had been wanting to start sewing for theshop, as well as for december's winter faire; but either life would get in the way, or i'd find some excuse to not.

you know, sometimes life not only gets out of the way, it takes your excuses with it. first i received a custom order, then we got pestilence, & i had to cancel a field trip. i was being forced off my lazy arse, & given the exact day in which to saddle-up. all in one week!

the request was for a drink sling in 10yo boy fabrics. well i knew i couldn't go by what my 11yo boy liked; because i doubt she meant fancy, with a top hat if possible; so i asked her for more information about her son.

it took a lot of searching through my bins, but i think her blue, & red, & cowboy lovin', horseback ridin' boy will like his new sling. what do you think? (as usual, all negative comments will be ignored completely.)

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