30 May 2009


we managed to drive deeper into the city yesterday; & still we spent most of our time surrounded by nature! i'm glad we did, because i have been feeling such a pull towards mother nature of late.

i want to say that it has everything to do with how far along in my pregnancy i am. most likely though it's because thebelfry is such a wreck right now. between having little time & energy for deep cleaning sessions, & having bags & boxes everywhere i look (the challenge) - it's not the most calm of places to be.

hopefully this round of bags & boxes will get taken to the thrift shop on monday. the challenge is going well, by the way. i find i'm at the stage of trying to justify keepers; but i'll push through.

i meant to work on the challenge today - however i sewed a few pencil pouches, watched a documentary with thehobbit, then accidentally took a little nap instead.
i'm off to do more not-working-on-the-challenge. have a lovely weekend.

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