20 May 2009

an impatient gardener

i am an inpatient gardener. i'm inpatient in all things, but with gardening extremely so. the temperate climate in which i live allows me to plant things well before other parts of the world can. that helps some. mostly though? i want my food now, now, now!

my little hill's odd micro-climate doesn't allow for early tomatoes & cucumbers though. it's not nearly as hot as even a mile from here, & we have a heavy marine layer each morn & eve. i love the weather, but in this it frustrates me beyond belief. you should see the fantastic array of tomatoes soap gets from her farm! yes dear one & only reader - i have tomato envy.

i do have my tomatoes in the ground, but it will be quite some time before i'll have any fruit. & for some strange reason, every batch of cucumbers has failed to sprout! i may have to give in, & buy some potted ones if i'm to have any at all this summer. & oh how we do love our cukes - sigh. seriously though; have you had a lemon cucumber?

now that i think on it, none of the zucchini has sprouted either. what do you suppose could be the matter? i've never before had such difficulty starting from seed. i'll try one more time, & if i still haven't anything sprouting it will be off to the nursery for plants.
so as not to leave you thinking i've nothing lovely going on in my gardens, or in the farm: the strawberries are still delivering plump fruits every few days, the onions & leeks are doing fabulously, we've a few fennel left, & the artichoke is simply beautiful.
also beautiful is the bank of bougainvillea, with the passion vine trailing through. not to mention my little hobbity helper - the most beautiful of all the things i grow ;-)
what about you? are you an impatient gardener as well; or are you able to peacefully wait on the whim of mother nature?


Pom said...

Love the artichoke! Sophalope will steal it from you if allowed. I am in want of soil and so have not planted anything except a wee pot of basil seeds (growing), barely growing oregano, and suspiciously flimsy strawberry sprouts.

kat said...

you know i love sophalope madly, but not even for her shall i give up my artichoke.

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