30 December 2008

roses & acorns & whiskers on french fries

monday we went with a small group of homeschooling families to watch the rose parade floats being assembled. like last year, thehobbit & i were amazed at all we saw. unlike last year, the field trip landed on manlyman's day off, so he was able to join us. after a lifetime of watching the parade on television; seeing the floats in person, as they are being covered in seeds & flowers? there is just nothing like it.

there was something that topped it though. it was watching our kids after they discovered an area covered in acorns!

you would have thought they'd found a field of chocolates, so giddy were they. we adults sat on boulders, enjoying the much-needed sunshine, & watched our children filling their packs to near bursting.

we also indulged in plates of garlic fries. i thought they would be dusted in garlic salt, but no! they were tossed with chunks of lightly fried garlic. wow. that's all i can say to describe the flavor. wow.

i am so grateful for a child who (at ten) still is thrilled by the simple things in life. i'm also grateful his friends are as well. i just wish i'd gotten a shot of all of them with their little bums in the air, because it was quite the sight.


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