21 December 2008

this holiday season seemed to sneak up on me. i had been prepping for it, & we'd been taking part in the usual events, but still i feel as though it jumped out & yelled boo!

as much as it saddens thehobbit to see animals in captivity, he was excited to see reindeer. after awhile he began whispering to them that he wished he could set them free. we pointed out they could fly away whenever they wanted, but he just gave us the look.

it's been unusually cold for this part of the world. normally i welcome the cold, but this year my body isn't tolerating it well. the extra layers of clothing i've had to wear may get me some odd looks out & about, but it helps me pretend that it is going to snow any day now.

this is a portion of disneyland's castle lit for the winter holiday season. it truly is beautiful in person. we'd planned on staying late to see the fireworks, & the snow fall, but thehobbit was just too tired.


we are now officially in winter (summer for you other hemisphere readers), & this year the season's change marks the beginning of the december holidays. it's fun having them all squished together this way. thehobbit got a kick out of finishing his countdown box (ours goes to the solstice) & lighting the menorah all in one weekend. to make it more squished than it already is, tomorrow manlyman's mom is coming to town for an early christmas day.

i hope that whatever you do (or don't) celebrate this time of year, is one marked with much joy, & as always...


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asti said...

Have a peaceful and fun holiday!
asti x

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