09 December 2008

mushrooms & skullies

i thought i'd share a few projects i'm readying for this saturday's winter faire.

these teeny mushrooms are currently my favorite thing to create. painting on the dots is so meditative. each set of 3 comes with a small cloth bag. for the show, i had to package them in plastic so the mushrooms could be seen. for the shop, they'll just come in their cloth bag; without the wasteful plastic. there is a larger mushroom that will be included in future sets.

this guy is 1 of a few i'll be trying at winter faire. each small tote has a set of 3 stainless steel food containers, & plenty of room for a water bottle, & more food containers. i've wanted to create lunch kits for quite some time, just never found the time. hahaha! not that i have time right now, but nothing says week of the show like giving yourself more work!
that's all for today. please come visit me this saturday - the information is up there on the right. bring the whole family; waldorf winter faires are great fun!

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