05 December 2008

confessions of a japanese store addict

yes i am blogging about my japanese store addiction again. thehobbit & i went today for supplies, & had a lovely time ever so slowly poking through the aisles. not only did i find nearly all the items i needed, but a few treasures talked us into taking them home as well.

photo :: property of ???

the search for the perfect timer has been a long one, & today it came to an end. we stood there for literally 5 minutes trying to decide between the chicken & the egg. i don't know which came first, but you can see which came home. that photo is not mine, (did i tell you the menfolk stole my camera's batteries to play guitar hero?) i found it in a search, & now cannot find the owner.

in addition to the amazing treasures to be found, i love the wonky translation. yes i know i've said so before - you are sassy tonight. sometimes they make little sense, but usually they are sweet.

a box of colored pencils: it is finished without adding any color on pencil stick & keeps feeling of natural taste. wood is natural blessing. present from natural material. gentleness of wood, natural warmth are felt every time you use.

a spool of thread: almighty spun thread for sewing machine. for handsewing no problem.

a note pad: peace is happy when i see you.

they just make me smile. the women who work there make me smile as well - they are always so nice.


hey - did you know? peace is happy when i see you.


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