19 December 2008

show & tell

i'm sorry to make you wait so long for photos - it's been a long, & tiring week. so, as i said in my previous post, the show was a huge success.

here are some market bags, & drink slings. the blue patterned sling is now available in theshop.

we were a bit crowded for space this show, but the crowds didn't seem put off by the jumble.

the mini mushroom sets, & the pixie knitting kits sold better than i'd hoped!

all but 2 of the lunch kits sold, which thrilled me to no end. can you guess who was the first to go?

there was a freezing wind that lasted all day, but it didn't keep the people away, & everyone was in good spirits. happy sellers & happy customers can make almost any weather tolerable. i'm not yet warm though. i may never be.
thank you to all the wonderful customers & visitors, & most especially to my fellow dragonflies!


1 comment:

BirchLeaf Designs - Wendy and Mojo said...

Looks like a fun show! Nice pics Kat!

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