23 December 2008

in which a hobbit is made very happy

yesterday began stormy both outside & in. manlyman's mom was supposed to spend an early christmas with us, but a heavy snowfall on her mountain kept her away. this made an already rainy, gloomy day much more gloomy for a certain hobbit.

just as we were finishing lunch, the mail arrived. packages from my parents! i knew what his prezzies were, so i knew one of them was just the thing to brighten his day. manlyman gave me a brief version of his annual you cannot open that. it isn't xmas yet. lecture, & i bopped over to little misery to give him the most perfect prezzie ever.

this kit is amazing! it's a wooden, 185-piece puzzle that makes over 30 pieces of dollhouse furniture. he tore into it, squealing with glee, then spent the next 2 hours happily building teensy tables, chairs, & the rest.

they need to be glued still, but that can wait. he was talking about painting & staining pieces, which i hope he does, because right now it's all looking a bit like an unfinished furniture shop.

right now there is a pile of furniture he's yet to install, as well as a pile of things he made out of bits & bobs. i'm trying to convince him to keep some of the better things he created, because i don't want him to think that store-bought is better to have than handmade. that said? i shall not cry to see the majority of corks, match boxes, & their ilk hit the rubbish bin.

it's safe to say that the prezzie saved the day. my favorite thing in the kit?


i hope your day is lovely.


** the little bowls were purchased here. the toy cubicles are mega legos turned on their side. the cool bamboo wall behind the toilet is from the japanese dollar store - it's tabletop zen garden furniture. **

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