03 December 2008

i'd like a nap please. 2 if you have them.

i'm in love with this crown. the color, the stripety buttons, the simplicity. i keep nearly removing it from the shop, so i can keep it all to myself.
so. yeah. i'm tired. this marathon sewing & crafting thing is exhausting. that, & for some unmaudely reason i have been waking just after 4am for nearly a week now. what the?
completely unrelated, but i just had to share: i don't know if you remember me telling you this last year, but thehobbit is obsessed with xmas music. he counts down to the week of thanksgiving, when one radio station begins playing nothing but xmas songs until xmas day. this year was no exception.
what is new this year, is thehobbit's love of youtube. can i look up a song? will you find me a song? is this song on youtube? & so on. every so often now he'll ask if i will find a certain xmas song; usually by a specific artist. in case you're wondering: yes he still loves elvis, but also enjoys bing, frank, & dean.
so this morning he asked me to look up a song, & was horrified by the video. the hair! the clothes! the isthataboyoragirl??! heeheehee


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